Our support for breastfeeding at work

Pachamama offers you an awareness program on the subject of breastfeeding.

Allaiter au travail

“Quality of life at work” week, or “health” week?

Integrate the topic of breastfeeding into your programs by raising awareness among your employees or by introducing them to a parenting culture. Also take advantage of our programs to accompany the launch of your breastfeeding space:


A workshop for all, concerned or not, directly or indirectly, by the subject. Led by a lactation consultant.


A conference to understand the issue of parenthood in the workplace. Focus on the subject of breastfeeding at work.

The Starter pack

A flexible turnkey offer to create a dynamic around your breastfeeding initiative!

  • A one-hour training session with your HR or occupational medicine department.
    The objective? To have the right information to communicate with a maternity leave announcement

  • The Pachamama information pack to give to the mother-to-be, before she goes on leave

  • A workshop and/or conference on breastfeeding

  • The creation of a “godmothers” whatsapp within your company to create a community of mutual aid and support

  • A welcome back kit for the mother